Shutter Range



Bespoke panels to fit unusual or awkward shaped windows.

  • Make the most of unusual architectural features. They give a clean and interesting alternative to curtains or blinds
  • Can be more expensive
  • Any unusual shaped window


These shutters slide along a track and concertina back.

  • Easy access through a pation door as they can be pulled right back to make the most of a view
  • Not suitable for a window with a sill
  • Best for any type of door especially larger windows and sliding doors
Full height

Full height

Most popular, full height panels cover the whole window. A divider rail allows you to operate the slats above and below independently.

  • Great insulation, privacy and noise control
  • No disadvantages with these popular shutters
  • Good for all types of windows especially french or patio doors and tall windows
Cafe Style

Cafe Style

Panels that cover on the bottom half of the window.

  • Cheaper than full shutters and let in more light. Give a lovely continental feel
  • Less draught proofing - more decorative than practical
  • Good for privacy in urban areas
Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier

Two sets of panels, one on top of the other that operate independently.

  • Very versatile giving excellent privacy and light control.
  • Not suitable for all windows as they can look too busy, e.g. in a bay window
  • Best for bedrooms and bathrooms.
solid window shutters


Solid wood panels which completely cover the window.

  • Very insulating
  • Less flexible - they're either open or closed
  • Best for bedrooms, draughtly period properties.